The Many Uses of LED lights


It is very funny to think that a few years ago people would have only think of LED lights as only a bunch of tiny red lights which can only be used in the laser points but nowadays the use of LED lights has grown. People have understood the necessity and the power efficiency of LED lights.

From TV to headlight, lighting decoration to wallpaper and even garments are being lit up by the versatile colors of LED lights. The technology of LED lights can be used in many occasions. Even these lights are used for architectural lighting too. Unlike the incandescent LED lights do not produce heat, it is super compact and it uses just a fraction of the whole energy.

The design of these LED lights is very attractive and useful. It is flexible and the design is made by plastic so it can be used in a variety of wonderful ways like it is used in a beautiful way for architectural lighting in Australia.

The use of the LED lights can be very innovative whereas the use of other kind of lights is not so innovative like a LED. Recently a variety of weird and wonderful uses of LED lights can be spotted in all over the world. We here have summarized some attractive examples that may help you to use the LED lights in a beautiful way.

1. LED virtual sky- it has been proved by the scientists that LED lights are more power efficient than those incandescent bulbs which have been traditionally used for lightening. LED lights are 8 times stronger than the traditional incandescent bulb. But have you got the secret news that LED lights can make us more productive and happier? Not yet we guess. So here is the first one. The scientists at Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO have made out in their researches the more powerful use of Led lights when they developed their LED virtual panel sky. This sky panel has been designed to replace the ceiling panel in the offices. The light laced ceiling looks like a sky. So the workers in the enclosed office may feel that they are working under an open sky. And this feeling is much more comfortable than the feeling of working under the flickering harsh fluorescent for hour after hour. It has been proved that natural daylight increases the productivity up to 15%. So the LED light will increase the production. LightAndGear offers the mosr amazing downlights that you can use for your homes and commercial establishments. 

2. Led car sunroof that is solar powered- when the weather is absolutely hot outside the inner side of the car can be really steamy and hot. Drivers can choose the solar powered sunroof so that the inside of the car will be illuminated.

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